Open communication and a transparent planning process is a vital aspect of the NFTCA’s day-to-day activities. The NFTCA has secured measures to ensure public input in the development of its studies and projects by actively encouraging and facilitating the involvement of the general public, citizen groups, interest groups, elected and appointed officials and environmental resource agencies.

We encourage the community to become a part of the process. Our goal is to inform the public about the NFTCA’s efforts and encourage positive and open interaction between the public and our project team through this website, quarterly newsletters, emails, public meetings and other public involvement opportunities.

The upcoming major update to the NFTCA Master Plan will include an extensive outreach program involving transportation and economic development stakeholders in the process. Please refer to the Calendar of Events for upcoming meetings or view the Newsletters for an update on our progress. You can also visit the Contact Us to be added to the mailing list and receive future informational updates.