The NFTCA is currently updating the NFTCA Master Plan. Documents will be posted as they become available. To view the current and previous years Master Plan reports, please click on the following:

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2019 Budget
2019 Budget Document (September 30, 2019) (PDF 12.3KB)

2018 Budget
2018 Budget Document (September 30, 2018) (PDF 12.1KB)

2017 Budget
2017 Budget Document (September 30, 2017) (PDF 84.7MB)

2016 Master Plan
Complete Document (PDF 54.8MB)

Below are the individual chapters.

2016 Board Meeting Schedule
2016 Schedule (April 4, 2016) (PDF 32KB)

2016 Budget
2016 Budget Document (September 30, 2016) (PDF 36KB)

2015 Audit
2015 Single Audit Letter (PDF 58KB)

2015 Board Meeting Schedule
2015 Schedule (January 13, 2015) (50 KB) (PDF 50KB)

2015 Budget
2015 Budget Document (September 30, 2015) (PDF 88KB)

2014 Audit
2014 Single Audit Letter (PDF 131KB)

2014 Board Meeting Schedule
2014 Schedule (January 10, 2014) (PDF 52KB)

2014 Budget
2014 Budget Document (November 21, 2013) (PDF 14KB)

2015 Master Plan
Master Plan (December 10, 2015) (PDF 55.9MB)

2015 Master Plan Documents
Master Plan Readoption Notification (January 8, 2016) (PDF 210KB)
2014 Master Plan Distribution Form Letter (July 17, 2014) (PDF 208KB)

2013 Master Plan Public Meeting Materials
Qualitative Assessment (PDF 326KB)
Qualitative Screening Criteria (PDF 1.5MB)
Qualitative Evaluation Criteria (PDF 268KB)
Mission (PDF 2.1MB)
Master Development Process (PDF 1.1MB)
Project Map (PDF 103MB)
Schedule (PDF 576KB)
Public Meeting Presentation (PDF 1.8MB)
Handout (PDF 4.1MB)

2012 Master Plan Documents
Needs Assessment Technical Memorandum (PDF 1.1MB)
Business Case Analysis Technical Memorandum (PDF 9.8MB)

FDOT Environmental Technical Advisory Team Briefing - October 25, 2012 (PDF 1MB)
1000 Friends of Florida Workshop Briefing - October 22, 2012 (PDF 1.1MB)

Archived Master Plan Documents
2013 Master Plan (PDF 54.8MB)
2011 Master Plan (PDF 4.4MB)
2010 Master Plan (PDF 6.5MB)
2009 Master Plan (PDF 6.8MB)
2008 Master Plan (PDF 2.8MB)
2007 Master Plan (PDF 5.1MB)
2007 Master Plan Summary (PDF 2.3MB)
Master Plan Phase I (PDF 45MB)