Master Plan
The NFTCA is seeking to foster economic development in Northwest Florida through strategic transportation investments. To this end, we will be refocusing our Master Plan to identify a business case for transportation infrastructure to be developed cooperatively with state, regional, and local agencies.

Prior to updating the Master Plan, the NFTCA will conduct a business case analysis, which will involve a series of steps aimed at identifying the social and economic challenges of the region and an assessment of how those challenges can be met through investments in transportation infrastructure. As part of the analysis and decision-making process, a series of workshops will be held with various agencies and stakeholders to ensure consensus and buy-in at all levels. The analysis will result in a unified strategy for the region and a transportation investment approach that can be used to update the Master Plan.

Updates to the Master Plan are required on an annual basis. Based on the business case analysis, a plan update will be prepared in coordination with the most recently adopted Long Range Transportation Plans of the local TPOs. Presentation of information to interested governmental agencies, entities, officials and the public will be undertaken during development of the updated Master Plan.

As documents for the updated Master Plan are prepared, they will be made available on this site for viewing. To view past Master Plan reports, please visit the Documents page